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The website teamspeak viewer has been removed due to a lack of support by the developer – as such it is vulnerable to any issues going forward.

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Spread ’em

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege2016-2-19-23-18-26

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All the Doom Multiplayer Modes Revealed

Following the reveal of all of Doom’s multiplayer maps last week, Bethesda and id Software today showcased the shooter’s multiplayer modes. There are six modes, and you can get a first look at some of these through the video below, while more details follow further down. Check it out:

One of the modes spotlighted in the trailer is Soul Harvest. It is similar to Team Deathmatch, but you need to collect the souls of the players you killed–not unlike Kill Confirmed from Call of Duty. Additionally, a demon rune appears on the map where the first player is killed and adds another wrinkle.

The person who picks up the demon rune gets to keep it for the duration of the match. If you kill someone as the demon, they drop two souls instead of one. If the demon dies, it drops five souls, while someone else will take over as the demon.

Freeze Tag mode, meanwhile, is somewhat like the game you played as a kid. Players who are killed do not die right away, as they are instead frozen and immobilized until a friend can thaw them. If that doesn’t happen soon enough, the player dies.

The mode Warpath is a variant of King of the Hill, but the twist is that the capture point is constantly moving. Domination, meanwhile, sees players trying to capture three static point–but the interesting part is that a demon rune will spawn randomly, giving the side that captures it the upper hand, in theory at least.

One of the other new modes is Clan Arena, and it’s for Doom purists. In this mode, all pick-ups are removed and players cannot restore health and armor. There is no respawning and no demon runes are available. Lastly, Team Deathmatch is exactly what you think it is.

You can visit Bethesda’s blog for a more detailed rundown of Doom’s multiplayer modes.

Doom’s multiplayer modes include:

  • Soul Harvest
  • Freeze Tag
  • Warpath
  • Domination
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Clan Arena

As announced earlier, a closed multiplayer beta for Doom will run March 31 through April 3. Players who pr-orderedWolfenstein: The New Order and redeemed their beta code will have access to the closed beta period, while you can also go to GameStop to get a free code. It remains to be seen if there are other ways to get in. More information about Doom’s multiplayer beta can be found on the official website.

Doom is slated for a May 13 release date. Developer id Software recently held a competition allowing fans to vote for a reverse sleeve cover design–check out the winning art design here.

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Rocket League In Line For Xbox One Cross-Network Play


Microsoft have announced a new cross-network feature that’ll be championed by Psyonix’s cage-ball-goal ‘em up Rocket League [official site] in the coming months. Although at the discretion of developers, the new initiative means, in theory, Xbox Live users will be able join other players in the same games but on different networks, such as, say, PSN or Steam.

In a statement released on Xbox Wire, Chris Charla, the director of ID@Xbox, described the cross-network move as a continuation of the already existing cross-platform play enabled between Xbox One and Windows 10. He said:

“In addition to natively supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox Live, we’re enabling developers to support cross-network play as well. This means players on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Xbox Live will be able to play with players on different online multiplayer networks – including other console and PC networks.

“Of course, it’s up to game developers to support this feature, and Xbox Live players will always have the option of choosing to play only with other Xbox Live players. We’re thrilled to confirm that Psyonix’s Rocket League will be one of the first games to take advantage of this new capability by enabling cross-network play between Xbox One and PC players, with an open invitation for other networks to participate as well.”

Psyonix’s Jeremy Dunham followed Microsoft’s announcement by citing cross-network play as “the number-one most requested feature” that’s been touted by the Rocket League community since launch last year, and also noted that players can expect to see the feature in motion on Xbox One and PC “later this spring.”

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New Update for The Division Coming Next Week

Ubisoft will push out a new update for its record-breaking shooter The Division next week, the company has announced. The developer isn’t saying just yet what’s included with the update, but the studio previously talked about further tweaking elements of the Dark Zone, among other things.

“The game may have just released but we already have a new update for you to dive into!” Ubisoft said in its latest State of the Game blog post. “This will be in your hands next week and fear not, more information about it will be revealed very soon so keep your eyes peeled.”

“The roadmap ahead is super exciting and this is only the beginning,” it added.

No further details were divulged. We’ll bring you all the news as it’s announced. Free updates are coming to The Division in April and May, with paid DLC coming later in the summer.

An update for The Division last week disabled the Trained Talent item and made a number of general tweaks to experience gain and drop rates for items and currency.

Speaking earlier this week as part of a livestream event, Ubisoft Massive community developer Hamish Bode said the studio is aware of concerns players have about Dark Zone balancing and will adjust the game accordingly in the future.

Things like Dark Zone balancing is “definitely a priority for the development team,” Bode explained, going on to say that the studio is “looking at all of those things at the moment.”

Also during the event, Bode was asked about what kind of high-level gear players can expect down the road. He teased, “There are surprises to come.”

The Division launched on March 8 and broke 24-hour Ubisoft sales records. It made $330 million after its first five days, besting Destiny, according to Ubisoft.

GameSpot’s The Division review scored the game an 8/10.


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This is MechWarrior: Online!!

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MWO – Benanarama’s Nova (NVA-B) A.K.A ‘The Reaper’

Reaper - NVA-B

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That went well…

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Surgeon Simulator

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