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How to download the games?

This depends if the game is free or paid, ask on our discord for help.

how to become a team member?

Come and spend some time with us on discord and see. We are all friendly and easy to get on with.

what is the match process?

Submit a request via the contact us page or discord, and we can go from there.

how many players can join a match?

Depends on the game and clan size. Contact us via discord or the contact us page.

Is there any age restrictions?

Yes, we are an 18+ only clan. Why? I'm sure you will find out!

Is there any reward for winners?

Just our respect and you bus fare home. Actually not even that, so no.

is there any match fee?

Yes please send your fee to Ghosty@..... No theres no fee. Unless you want too, then I'm sure we can help.

When will the next match start.

Check our match pages and live streams for the next available match.