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Fighting for Fun as a team has been around for a number of years through numerous games, under various names and can place our roots back to Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2.

As a team we tend to accept members at or over the age of 18 but we will make exceptions to this based on maturity, we are funded completely on the basis of a donations covering the various servers we have in place.

We have played under various names over the years:

  1. Team xO^ – Battlefield 1942/2/2142
  2. Dysfunctional Fighters – various games
  3. Anathema – Age of Conan

We have met many people, competed in multiple gaming leagues, and even held top position for the Clanbase European ladder for 6 months after the release of Battlefield 2142.

Currently FFF as a team is focusing around the gaming community and are in the process of expanding our community into other games.

We accept anyone who is friendly, willing to have a laugh and wants a place to call home, feel free to have a look around and don’t be afraid to jump on Discord.

  1. Anthem
  2. Fallout 76
  3. Battlefield 5